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Thread: JAVA UDF issue!

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    Unanswered: JAVA UDF issue!

    Hi all
    I am trying to execute two JAVA UDFs throough my DB2 SQL stored procedure .These two external routines are performing some critical function which is else not possible.When I try to execute, one of the UDF workes absolutely fine without errors separately but the other ones doestn run at all
    and it produces the error as SQL 4306N SQLSTATE 42724...My UDF is unable to call the java method.I dont really understand the disparitry of why one is working fine whilie other is not even though they have been built on the same framework......can someone please explain the reason...
    Thanks in Advance

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    The Java method given by the EXTERNAL NAME clause of a CREATE
    PROCEDURE or CREATE FUNCTION statement could not be found. Its
    declared argument list may not match what the database expects,
    or it may not be a "public" instance method.

    User Response:

    Ensure that a Java instance method exists with the "public" flag
    and the expected argument list for this call."
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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