i have written a GUI in C++ using the .NET 2003 IDE and now i want to add some of the information i get from the GUI into a local database.

i have already downloaded the connection/net odbc 3.5.1 and just for the heck of it mySQL 5.0. i also have made sure that i have the Microsoft.Data.obdc.dll in my Visual.NET folder and i reference this in my project in my solution explorer.

i have also gone to admin tools and under data sources added the server, the source name, username and password that was given to me by my boss and the test connection was successful without any flaws.

finally i went into my project properties->C++ and under the selection 'Resolve #using references' i browse for the Microsoft.Data.obdc.dll and add that in.

in my .cpp file when trying to set up the database for connecting and then inserting items i have the following code:

using namespace Microsoft.Data.Odbc;

however i get the error:

: error C2871: 'Microsoft' : a namespace with this name does not exist
: error C2059: syntax error : '.'

what do i need to do so that .NET can recognize this namespace? i am not familiar with sql or databases so this is to say the least a crash course involving more than just SQL.

if anyone have any C++/.NET and SQL experience i would appreciate the help. thanks!