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    Unanswered: Label color flash from black to red for 60 seconds

    Access 2000


    If the following code finds a record; is it possible to have the font color of the “tag” label flash from black to red for 60 seconds?

    'If no record then do nothing
    If IsNull(DLookup("[tag]", "Advisories", "[tag]='" & Me![VehTag] & "'")) Then
    Exit Sub
    End If

    Thank you

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    Yes, but you will have to turn the OnTimer setting on the form to On.

    I use the following:

    Private Sub Form_Timer()
    With Me.Alert
    .ForeColor = (IIf(.ForeColor = vbRed, vbBlack, vbRed))
    '.visible = (IIf(.BackColor = 10092543, 33023, 10092543))
    btnSchedule.ForeColor = (IIf(.ForeColor = vbRed, vbBlack, vbRed))
    End Sub

    "Alert" is the control name that will flash

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