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    Arrow Unanswered: Running Sum in Report

    i have an accounts report and a sub report called opening balance which shows the sum of total amount of the account as opening balance .it goes like

    opening balance 100
    ------------------------------- Amount Current Running sum
    ------------------------------- 200 1200
    --------------------------------- 300 2800

    You can see the current running sum is not printing correctly

    currently i have a text box in which running sum property is set to over all and in the control source i have added =report!openingbalance!txtopenbal+amount but it is not calculating correctly . does anyone know what is the problem

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    probably best to do this using some code in VBA that sits behind the report
    zero the running sum in the account group footer event (forget which one)
    set some code in the detail.format event that adds the current value to the running sum
    then set some code in the group footer format event that assigns that running totoal to a control in the footer... that will give you the account closing balance.
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