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    Unanswered: Sybase SQL Anywhere cloning a database from the backup

    I am trying to clone a database from the backup of the database and the transaction logs.

    I have a full database backup and transaction log backup taken at 2am everyday with the command:

    dbisql –c “dsn=proddb” backup database directory ‘e:\\dbbackups’
    transaction log truncate

    Then at 2pm every day, I take a backup of the transaction log:
    dbisql –c “dsn=proddb” backup database directory ‘e:\dbbackups\translogs’ transaction log only

    When I try to clone or recover the database to another server, I do the following:

    1. Copy the 2am Full database backup to d:\recovery
    2. Copy the 2am and 2pm Transaction log backup to d:\recovery\translogs
    3. Then apply the transaction log like this:

    cd d:\recovery
    dbeng7 proddb.db –a d:\recovery\translogs\proddb.0200.log
    It applies fine.

    Then when I try to apply the 2pm transaction log like the following, I get the error:
    dbeng7 proddb.db –a d:\recovery\translogs\proddb.1400.log

    It errors out with:
    Can’t open transaction log file – Can’t use the log file “proddb.1400.log” since the log offsets don’t match the offsets in the database file.

    Can someone point me to the right place on how to resolve it?

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    The most last Checkpoint in 2am can't find in the first Checkpoint in 2pm ?
    So that database checkpoint for 2am also not found in 2pm log ?

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