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    Unanswered: Job disabled while schedule enabled

    Just curious to hear if anyone else has experiences this or knows a reason
    why it maybe should be this way...

    I have some jobs that are disabled accourding to the Job Activity Monitor view in Mgmt Studio. However, if I open the schedules details, this view says Enabled. Can a schedule be enabled for a job, even if the job in itself is
    disabled maybe?
    But, I can't see any enable/disable flag in the sysjobschedules table,
    only in sysjobs.

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    Yep, it's possible to disable a schedule in a job. Disabling all schedules in job effectively has the same result as disabling the job.

    Just checked, but sysjobschedules does have a column called "enabled" in SQL Server 2000!

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    The schedule details have apparently moved to some other table in SQL Server 2005. I forgot to tell we're running 2005.

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