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    Unanswered: Too many connections?


    Sorry I posted this in wrong section
    Ive read that sometimes there can be too many connections to the database.

    Apart from optimizing your scripting code, how do you go about fixing this? Do you simply add new databases or upgrade to a bigger MySQL database?

    Thanks for your time and support

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    You can set the max_connections
    # The maximum amount of concurrent sessions the MySQL server will
    # allow. One of these connections will be reserved for a user with
    # SUPER privileges to allow the administrator to login even if the
    # connection limit has been reached.

    Once you increase the connections you should consider the memory you should have. So far i've been around with adding more RAMS and CPUS utilizations. But i start to look back to the codes, and upgrade my codes.

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    That shoudl do the trick

    however You may want to look at why you are using so mnay connections. Are ther number of connections being used appropriate to the number of users.

    I'd check that your front end software is using an appropriate number of connections, and is it closing those connections as soon as desirable. Note it may make more sense for an app to open a single connection and maintain that connection for the period of time the app is open, rather than opening many different connections, or constantly closing & reopening a connection. This would probably apply to a database intensive applcation. Close the connection(s) & free up any resources as soon as practical. Some front ends (eg PHP) allow the use of connection sharing.
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