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    Unanswered: looking to design a stock control database for a shop (was "Easy question")

    Quite new the world of access - I know the basics pretty much. What I wanted to know, and I am sorry if this sounds like a really stupid question, but hoping someone will be able to give me some advice.

    I am looking to design a database in access which is fully accessible on the internet also on a webpage. What would need to be done to achieve, a few people I have spoken to have mentioned & This database will be used as a stock control system for my uncles shops, but want it so he can access it anywhere.

    Is it just a matter of creating the entire database locally and then using some code to upload it on the internet, making sure my host supports asp etc?

    Thanks in advance

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    yup, that's more or less all you have to do | @rudydotca
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