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    Question Unanswered: Issues with network (sorry if in wrong place)

    First of all, hi im new here and I need help with a problem and I didnt know where to post this so I posted it here..If its in the wrong place please go ahead and movie it but at least make sure I know where it got moved so I can find it..=P..

    Ok so yeah maby someones nice enough to help me out here- I looked around google and these forums for answers but nothing came very close to helping me.

    I have a network, right- ok so its a Modem going to a netgear MR814. 3 cables come out of the router- one to my dads computer one to my computer and one to a switch that gives connection to my xbox 360 and my laptop. now just this weekend i had disconnected my laptop to bring it with me on vacation and i came back and plugged it all back in and everything and it worked fine. This morning though it couldnt connect to the net at all. but its not a regular error like it cant connect. AIM and MSN say its having a server error- when MSN checks the connection it says the laptop has an invalid IP.

    Now as far as file sharing my Main computer can see the sharing folders on the laptop but my laptop cant see the main computer. I get the common error messege when the main computer tries to open a shared folder on the laptop:

    "...Is not accesible. you might not have permission to use this network resource...The network path was not found"

    Both computer's fire walls are turned off.

    Main Computer is XP media center the other regular XP.

    and a last note, when i use Run> regedit, a DOS box pops up that says C:/WINDOWS/System32/ (i think thats about right but yes it does say .com) and i thought it was a bit strange- a few seconds into the program it would just close and i cant input anything into the box. After opening it a few times to try to see the full name of the program it closes immediatley after starting the program.

    If you guys need any other info go ahead and ask me- as long as someones nice enough to help me out ide be more than happy to cooperate properly =P

    If for some reason someone needs to e-mail me my e-mail is

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    on laptop:

    start>run> type in CMD press enter

    then type ipconfig and hit enter
    ok now type
    ipconfig /release *
    and hit enter
    now wait untill the C:/.... comes back up and then key in
    ipconfig /renew *
    and hit enter

    now try your connection.

    also: .com is a batch executable

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    Hey man big thanks for your help but it turns out stupid me the plug for the switch (connecting my 360 and my laptop to the router) was half in half out... big fire hazard, huh..well thx man

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