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    Unanswered: Cannot get a good dump.

    For about the past week - 2 weeks I have tried to get a good dump of one of our databases.
    We run Sybase 12.5 on Linux.
    i have run dbcc checkalloc(db_name)
    sometimes it says i have corruption sometimes it does not
    so i kick all our users off
    put it in singel user mode
    dbcc checkalloc(db_name,fix)
    put back in multi
    still the same error
    it gets to the same part every time
    and bombs out
    below is a sample of my error.

    Server 'Server name', Procedure 'bs_begin_phase', Line 0:
    Backup Server: Database dbname: 2092522 kilobytes DUMPed.
    Server Message: Number 414502, Severity 2
    Server 'Server name', Procedure 'bs_begin_phase', Line 0:
    Backup Server: [3] Error for device 'dump location/dump name'. Error writing to archive device 'dump location/dump name'. Attempted to write 65536 bytes, 8191 bytes were written.
    Server Message: Number 500702, Severity 2
    Server 'Server name', Procedure 'bs_begin_phase', Line 0:
    Backup Server: RPC ('as_large_pagerun') execution failed.
    Server Message: Number 8009, Severity 16
    Server 'server name', Line 1:
    Error encountered by Backup Server. Please refer to Backup Server messages for details.

    so i check space space is fine. i check the log and says dump transaction log then try database dump still same error every time.
    i have tried also dbcc checkcatalog

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    If you notice, the dump is failing exactly after 2GB size.

    Just use stripe's to solve the dump issues to keep the dump file sizes under 2GB per stripe

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