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    Unanswered: Failue with Installation Oracle Forms Server

    Hi everybody

    one of my Collegeua wants to install Oracle Forms Server ( custom installation )

    The CD has a Directory name called OraCL_6i

    During the installation , i see these Failure Information

    It says

    During the installation of 8.0.6 some required Support files ( RSFs) installed into the ORACLE_home\bin directory are labeled 805. These Files contains functionality spesificially associated with the 8.0.6 relaese. The 805 names have been used for backward compatibility purposes only.....

    and when i click OK then the installations quit .

    What can be the Reason of this Problem ?

    Thanks in Advance for your Help

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    >What can be the Reason of this Problem ?
    Neither the version of Form nor the DB have been supported this century & likely were never certified the whatever OS on the system.
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