Its hard to explain, but here goes.

What i'm wanting to accomplish is being done with a system I can't afford atm.

The program is Mintek SETS. Its used by Cable provider to track their equipment. The program is separate from what cable providers are using to track customer accts. I'm using Microsoft Access to track the equipment. What I need is to figure out how to communicate with the server to move this equipment around in the billing system. The billing system is what I can Cable Data. They use SQL for the database.

In order for Mintek SETS to work Cable Data has to be running in the background. So I assume this is used to open up the connection to the server or it actually uses cabledata to do it.

I know this is a stretch asking here because theres no way for me to get my hands on SETS to see how it works. I'm hoping someone here is familiar with this.

I want to use Access to send SQL strings to the server to issue equipment
out to techs and move them around in the database. I have access to do this with cable data, but I can only do it one box at a time and it get tidious with 25+ techs getting equipment each day.

Also is there a way to capture strings being sent to the server from Cable Data, so I can see what i need to send using Access.