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    Unanswered: turn this excel file, into a searchable database on my website (was "complete n00b")


    I'm a complete n00b to databasing. I mean i know very little to nothing. I have a rather large excel file that i want to turn into a database, i've cleaned it up and organized it but thats about it so far. My goal is to turn this excel file, into a searchable database on my website. My webhost provides MySQL. I know nothing about where to even start building a database, i dont know if i can import it into mysql or anything. The only thing ive tried so far with no success is importing the excel file into microsoft access. I dont even know how to make tables or anything. Basically, what i'm looking for, is any tutorials, guides, manuals, anything that will teach beginning databasing, basically from scratch to a complete and total noob. If you have any resources like this, please please please send them my way. Thank you very much for taking the time to help, and have a great day!

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    Actually, I would recommend that you read the first few chapters of the MySQL manual. You'll rather easily find it at The first chapters of the manual is more or less like a tutorial; it shows you how to create tables, insert values in them and so on. After you've learned this, you'll eventually stumble upon the LOAD DATA INFILE command.

    Install MySQL and follow the examples. Within a few hours, you'll probably understand the basics and you'll be happy that you spent your time. Knowing some basic SQL is good for anyone handling more than just a tiny bit of information, IMHO

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