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    Exclamation Unanswered: Date Stamp on Populated Table

    I have a table that contains six fields. One of these fields is a DateStamp field. Another of the fields is an identification number. I want the DateStamp to be updated to Now() when the ID Number is changed on the data entry form. I can get the datestamp to set when I create a whole new record, but I have several thousand ID's that will be changed and updated over the next four months. I want to be able to track how many are being changed each week by using the datestamp. How can I set the DateStamp field to update to Now() when I change the ID Number field of a current record?


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    Set the value in the after update event of that control on the form.

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    To expand pbaldy's response:

    Private Sub IDNumber_AfterUpdate()
       Me.DateStamp.Value = Now()
    End Sub
    Hope this helps!

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