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    Question Unanswered: How can i bring column value in table to checks box in form?

    hi all ..

    how can i bring data from column in table to form and choice from data by checks box ?

    1- The column assortment table from kind "memo" . and that is my need.
    2- It is possible to choice more 1 check box .


    I am raring to your answer

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean and I unfortunately cannot access the example. Could you elaborate any more?

    Do you mean that you want to check a box and for Access to then retrieve the relevant value,

    or do you mean that you want a check box either be on or off, depending on the value in a table?


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    Talking How can I get a value of a column in a table?

    Dear christyxo .. I would like to apologize for the weak Language i used priviosly.
    The question :
    how can i get data from a column in a table so that i can have a variaty of the check boxes. keeping in minde that each check box in parlal with the row in the column of the table.
    The assortment of column of the table is of the "memo" and that is what i really need. Also minding the possibility of prouiding many check boxes for the choice.

    My example:

    My need clarify in a picture look it plzz :
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