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    Unanswered: Printing using dates and times as criteria

    Hello all,
    This one should be simple for someone. I have a database to create shipping bills of lading. Trailers will be entered into the table and and ship date field filled in and a release time field filled in. There will also be a field to indicate how many hours early a trailer can be picked up from the release time (say 3 hours, 6 hours, etc.).

    When I print the bill of lading, I will use a form to pull up the record I want to print and check for information being complete. When I press the print button, I want the action to before printing do an If/Then command that would check to see If the release date, release time and the release time minus the early pickup time allotment are within the current time. I.e., if a load to leave on the 15th at 6:00 am with a 3 hour early pickup indicated, will print as long as the current time is 3:00 am or after on the 15th. If not, I need an error message to tell the gatehouse guard that it's too early to release the load.

    Any suggestions?

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    looks as though you are using separate date datetimes and time datetimes to store your data.

    dim bothDT as date 'combined date time
    bothDT = ShipDate + ReleaseTime 'cheating, but it works in A (see later)
    if datediff("h", bothDT, Now()) > EarlyHoursPermitted then
    msgbox "Too early"
    '----------print here

    the 'official' approach to combine the two datetimes:
    bothDT = dateadd("h", hour(ReleaseTime), ShipDate)
    NB Hour() rounds down to integer hours... hour(6:45) = 6
    if you have partial hours you will also need
    bothDT = dateadd("n", minute(ReleaseTime), ShipDate) 'ennn is not a typo

    ...this stuff will 'roll over backwards' if you see what i mean. 6am allowed 9 hours early will be 9pm one day back (which makes sense but might not be what you want).

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Thanks for the help Izy!

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