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    Thumbs up Unanswered: want to learn crystal report

    hi to all

    my name is saurabh. and i am just completed my OCA.
    my friends told me that some of the DBA work on crystal report
    and if you know the crystal report it will be benificial for you.
    so i want to start crystal report. i have crystal report 10 software.
    can you give me some online help on crystal report.


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    A few things that I did are:

    * 'plug it in and use it' - get familiar with and use your imagination for some simple reports.

    * expand you knowledge outwards when developing simple reports - try doing different things like inserting groups, running totals, etc.

    * buy a 'Crystal Reports for Dummies' book. Seriously!

    * read the forums like this one or Not ncessarily just to ask questions, but read the answers to other members' questions. Or just simply browse and see how much you can understand and absorb.

    * shadow someone at work who has greater knowledge of the product! (Sadly no such person in my company!!
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