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    Hi everyone,

    I am working on a web site / back end for a food delivery service in the UK. I have designed a web site using ASP and a MS SQL server and am now designing the back end for office use in MS Access. I have linked the SQL tables into access for the app to read directly.

    My client has informed me that he wants the back end to function without internet connectivity - so that he can still view existing orders if the net goes down.

    I have been pondering the best way to do this and have come up with 2 solutions - either duplicate all the tables locally in access and write an import routine to copy data periodically, or set up a copy of SQL server in the office to synchronise the data independently and then tell the Access prog to read from it if it cannot access the web.

    I would prefer the latter option as its neater and requires less programming, but I have never done this before (or know if its even possible). Does anyone have any opinion on how this problem would be best overcome, and if the latter solution is viable then how I would go about it?

    All help is much appreciated, thank you for reading.


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    Yes, this is possible and usually it is easy.

    Microsoft SQL Replication will definitely do what you want, but the exact deails will depend on which problems you want it to solve for you and which ones you want to solve for yourself. Without knowing more, I can't give you specifics.

    I've got some strong opinions about ways that I'd set this up, but those are based on which problems suit my style... My users and I prefer dealing with nusiance grade problems every week or so as opposed to show-stoppers every year or so, and I don't know of any way to set up two different databases (which are both editable) that won't occaisionally have conflicts.


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