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    Unanswered: How to connect oracle with SQL 2000

    Good evening,

    I would like to ask help from professionals, I have oracle database as old system and SQL server 2000 as new system ,these databses for accounting department so we would make oracle as publisher server and SQL as subscriber which we be sure the database in the two system is synochornize. but the main problem I can't make oracle as publisher because when I go to SQL server2000, replication, no option for non sql server.

    so I would like to help asap.

    thank in advance.

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    ...have you looked at scheduling a DTS package to import data from Oracle to SQL Server (rather then replication)?

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    Making Oracle, or any other non-SQL Server database, publisher is not possible with SQL Server replication. It's only possible to make other platforms subscribers (and even that is a bit tricky).

    To achive your goal by replication you will have to use Oracles replication solution or a third party replication tool.

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