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    Question Unanswered: Replication - how to pick a slave...

    I'm considering replication with MySQL as a way to improve concurrency on our application but am wondering how I go about selecting a slave database for my reads?

    I should say this is a web app, and ideally when a session is created I want it to stay with a particular server (this is based on my understanding that not all slaves will necessary be bang up to date depending on load etc?).

    I guess I have 3 solutions:

    1. pick a slave in my application code - I could do this, but it doesn't seem very intelligent as it may not evenly spread the load.

    2. some sort of mysql configuration that sees all slaves as a single server? Don't know if this is possible or how it works in practise.

    3. a hardware load balancer - don't really know anything abou this, but presumably solutions exist?

    If anyone could shed any light on any of the above I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    Based on your req.. u need a load balancer. Yes you can use this replications to meet your goals.
    But if you are using autoincrement ids, then you does not solve your problems.
    Try this

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