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    Unanswered: Creating Tabbed Forms?

    I am creating a sales database that will take data entered in a series of forms and export it into a \"quote\" report.

    I\"ve seen databases created by others (some I\"ve downloaded), and I\"ve seen some great looking forms that have tabbed sections. For example, it could be the \"Order Entry\" form - and on this form, would be Tab #1 for Customer Info, Tab #2 for ship to address, Tab #3 for Item listing, and Tab #4 would be the screen that would give one the option to print and email the final report..

    This is what I\"m after, but searching for \"Tabbed access forms\" doesnt find what I want.

    Anyone know maybe some better keywords to search for, or how to execute this design?

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    A tab contol is a standard control from access. In the access toolbox, there is an icon that looks like a file folder. Click it, then click + hold, size the box appropriately where you want the control. Then when you create new controls, create it in the center of the tab control, you will see it highlight the tab control. This way it creates the control on the page of the tab control.

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    First thing to remember is that the Tabbed Pages are all part of a single
    form; think of it as a really long form turned on its side. Because it is all
    one form, all referrencing to any contol on it is done in the same manner as
    if they were all on one single screen. No fancy referrence tap-dancing like
    you have to do if you're using subforms. Creat a form in Design View. Goto
    the toolbox and click on the Tabbed Control icon; it actually looks like
    several file folders. Place it on your form and size it like you want. If you need more than the tabbed pages it initially gives you, click on the tabbed control to select it. Goto Insert and click on Tabbed Control Page and another tabbed page will be added. Do this as many times as neccessary.

    This is the really important part: when you go to add a control to a tabbed
    page, you must first click to select one of the pages, then add the control.
    Otherwise, the control will be added to the form itself, and will show thru
    on all tabbed pages!

    Once you have the form's Control Source (your table or a query) set up, you
    simple controls as you normally would, heeding the above paragraph.
    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    Tip Put a Page_No on the parent and set PageNo on the tabulated control so that it is possible to test which tab a user is on an you can direct the parent to a particular form relating to that tab. Useful if subforms are deployed.

    If Page_No = 1 then
    elseif Page_No=2 then
    docmd.openform ...
    end if

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