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    Excuse my lack of knowledge, I'm pretty new at this! Hopefully someone can help me!

    I currently have a query in access which is pulled from a central database consisting of Name, Value 1 (test result), Value 2 (max possible mark). Dividing value 1 by value 2 (*100) gives me a % figure (i'm calling it Value 3!) but it's a live system and that data isn't already there in the query. Each person (name) has about 5 records each for example if i run the query it might say:

    Brian 2 20
    Brian 4 20
    Brian 50 100
    Joan 99 100
    Joan 13 20
    Simon 10 10
    Simon 15 20
    Simon 12 60

    I ultimately want a report to give each name (once), followed by their highest test result as a percentage. So how do I create that imaginary 'Value 3' column? Or is there a way to write it into the report? (and then I want to sort it highest to lowest too!)

    Name Highest Mark

    Simon 100%
    Joan 99%
    Brian 50%


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    select name, max(100.0*value1/value2) as highest_mark
      from daTable
    group by name
    order by highest_mark desc | @rudydotca
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