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    Unanswered: Oracle and MSSQL

    Hi All,

    I have 2 applications.

    The first is a commercial application, based on MSSQL database.

    The second, created with Oracle Developer Suite, is based on Oracle 10g database.

    Exist a method, in order to extract data from MSSQL tables and populate an Oracle table?

    If yes, how can perform this ?

    I hope in Your help.

    Thank You and Best Regards.

    Gaetano N.

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    They are two options I know you can use. If you're talking BIG (what I mean with this is if you're thinking of extracting a lot of data), then I would suggest you use DTS to extract the data from MSSQL to plain file and use either SQL*Loader or External Tables to load the data to Oracle. However, if you're going to extract bits of the data and want to have the ability to query the data directly from Oracle on a *real-time basis*, then you can use Oracle Heterogeneous Connectivity Services, using this, you have the ability to query MSSQL data directly from Oracle.

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