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    Unanswered: Any dictionary view for SProc params, like ALL_TAB_COLUMNS gives info on tables cols?

    Hi guys

    I'd like to know if there is any metadata type view I can select from, that gives me info about the stored procedures a user has, what the parameters, types and direction are etc..

    Failing that, is the only way for this, going to be to use DBMS_METADATA to retrieve the DDL for the SProc and parse it?

    This is for a VB.NET app that will downlaod info about the proc and prompt the user for parameters but in a type safe fashion..

    thanks in advance

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    Sql> Desc Sp_name
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    Don't know if there's a view which meets your needs, but what I usually do to try and find out is submit a query like the following, and then investigate:

    select *
    from dictionary
    where table_name like '%PROC%' or table_name like '%ARG%'
    It turns out that there's an ALL_ARGUMENTS view that might work for you, if DESC doesn't.


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