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    Unanswered: DTS package in 2005

    Hi All ,
    I have a DTS package in SQL Server 2005 , I will have to use the web service in the DTS Package, So my Biggest Doubt is

    Can i Call the Web Service in the DTS Package using the Stored Procedure ?
    Can i call the Web Service in the DTS Package using the VB.Script ?

    This is the Most Important thing for Us Right of now, and Will be happy if i could get some help.


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    since you are using 2005, you can call a web service in a sproc if it's a CLR sproc. a CLR sproc is implemented in managed code and can do anything you could do in C#, including calling a web service. It doesn't mean you *should* do it though...

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    Integration Services

    If you are using Sql Server 2005 then I hope that you mean Integration Services and you can easily call a Web Service from there. It is a Control Flow task specifically named Web Service Task. There are several examples of how to use the task floating around the net and a couple on Microsoft's site.

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    Many people import their DTS packages (to the place under Management > Legacy) and continue using them.
    (Honestly, much quicker than trying to understand the SSIS design tool IMO)

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