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    Unanswered: Error 2147024882: Not Enough Storage...

    I have an Access application I built that Im having problems with. It worked for a few hours now its giving me an error message/

    Upon completion of the first form page of a inspection form, upon
    Pressing the End Inspection button the following error appears:
    "Error 2147024882: Not Enough Storage is available to complete this

    -Computer has Access 2003 (SP2)
    -Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.1
    -Windows XP Operating System

    My findings:
    I looked up on Microsoft's site
    and they said there was a patch for this error but this was an error
    they noted in SQL Server, not Access.

    Has anyone ever experienced these errors before? Thanks so much for any guidance you can give. This is so frustrating but may be some bad coding on my part. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    Have you been running your access app repeatedly? Have you run a compact & repair?
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    Have Compacted. Also this happens sometimes right when you start using the app and other times after 30 minutes. Nothing consistant. On multiple new laptops also. Thanks.

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