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    Unanswered: SQLServer features in Oracle?


    Please let me know if the Oracle10g has any similar equivalents or functionalities of the following SQLServer 2005 features,

    1. OpenXML function, more details on this can be viewed at,


    2. Recursive SQL queries using CTE (Common Table Expressions), more explanations on this SQLServer 2005 feature is available at,,

    I know Oracle offers this, however i do not know how it offers. Kindly help me in identifying the above SQLServer 2005 features in Oracle 10g..

    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't know what the OpenXML function does and you did not tell us what you want to do with the XML
    But Oracle has a decent support for XML inside the Database.

    Here are some links to the documentation

    Recursive SQL Queries are done using CONNECT BY

    Hope this helps

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