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    Unanswered: Unable to run multiple Access databases

    This is a bit of a lengthy post, but I researched the problem and couldn't find any clues anywhere. My client is unable to run (some) multiple databases at the same time. He is using a handful of Access 2003 databases (has A2002 installed), and I just emailed him three updates of Access programs (VBA) I wrote for him. Each one runs fine, but when he tries to run any two of these three, the second one will just not run -- he needs to close one to be able to run the other. No error message is displayed, whether he runs them off desktop shortcuts, double-clicks on them from their folder location, or by running Access and opening them within (in which case trying to open the next instance of Access with one of those DBs will fail). He can run other databases (other than that trio) at the same time with no problem (all of which I wrote or updated for him using the same project; but otherwise they are standalone programs, independent from each other with no inter-program references, and no user-written macros). All programs have a starting disk space of about 1.5mb each.

    The problem is not replicable on my machine; although both our environments are pretty similar (his is Windows XP Pro, mine XP MC). The downloaded files are not blocked by Windows, and his RAM is a bit limited, but he’s still able to open other multiple DBs. Before sending the files I made sure their open mode is shared, not exclusive, and I compacted them to ensure they are not corrupted before they were transferred.

    I am getting ready to connect to his machine (remotely) and need to know what else to look for. Any ideas will be appreciated.

    Thanks, Sol.

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    I do not know if this issue had been resolved or not but read it and thougt I would chime in. I had a similair issue once but Access was not actually the culprit. I

    n my case I would exit out of Access and when I would launch Access again nothing at all happened. My trouble shooting showed that Windows was not exiting the Access process and was not creating a new process when it was suppoed to. If I remeber correctly I had to re-install Office to resolve the issue.

    Don't know of that is usefull or not but thought I'd share.

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