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    Unanswered: Problem with doubled reports

    hi guys. currently, i am developing an employee database. but everytime, it's generating a report, the results are being doubled. what could be the problem?

    here is the link of the database:

    just in case you wanna see the actual file.

    the user name is administrator and the password is admin.

    at the main menu, click reports then click alpha list or any other reports. all the reports are being exported to an excel file.

    thank you so much.

    i appreciate all the help.

    just message me if you need more information.

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    tblEmployee has a one-to-many relationship to tblCompany.
    tblCompany is then related to several other tables.
    Since you are showing data from tables on the many side of the relationship,
    you are going to see "duplicate" data from the "one" side.

    In your query vies, click on properties. Set the Unique Values property to yes. Or, in SQL view, change SELECT blah... to SELECT DISTINCT blah...
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