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    Unanswered: Which Database to use?

    Hello all,
    We are currently using FoxPro and plan to move to a database. Our requirements are:
    We are cheap, we cannot spend a lot of $$$
    We do not have a real DBA, just me, I'm a Java developer.
    We have a lot of data 100's of millions of rows, both big and small with many tables. (A major pain with FoxPro's limitations)
    We need 2 way replication. At a minimum we will have 2 servers running in different locations. Our network connection is not ideal (Its, up, its down, its up again ) Users at both ends will be updating/adding data.
    Our developers are, java, .Net, and we have a lot of stuff in Visual FoxPro.
    Did I mention we do not have a lot of $$$?

    Here are the databases we are thinking about, please add if you have sugestions:

    MySQL <-- Did not seem to handle the large data set I sent it. When I was in the admin tool looking at a table, sometimes it said there was ~80-70 million reocords. It never gave the same answer twice. No one was editing the data.

    SQL Server 2005 <-- Just installed a developer's edition. May not be able to afford it but we do have ppl here with experiance with it. This is our first choice but we need back up plans.

    Oracle <-- Cannot afford it.

    MaxDB <-- Just installed this to check it out.

    Postgres <-- Have used it in the distant past and liked it, never used it with this amount of data. Will it be able to handle it?

    I guess my 3 biggest concerns are cost to maintain, large data sets, and a monkey (Me) would need to be able to administer it with little effort.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Smile Try Ingres (Now Open Source)!!!

    Hi -

    Try Ingres 9.0.4 it's now open source and free...

    Very, Very fast on Linux,
    Also runs on Windows,
    has replication (we've used it for 9+ years),
    (Although we use one-way replication for hot spares.
    The hot spare is a couple of milliseconds off the primary
    with gigibit fiber across town between them)
    easily handles large DBs (we have 200-300 GB DBs)
    has good tools Windows based GUI or character based Linux...
    (the Windows tools can access the Linux server)

    Good Luck

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