First I would like to thank everyone that helped me with my project “attaching a report to your email.

The project was done, I used it a lot.
However, some of the vendors are complaining that they do not have the snapshot software and can not open the attachment.
My understanding is that .snp comes with Microsoft office. However, I can not tell all customers to install/enable the .snp feature.

I’m considering attaching the report as PDF.

The question is, how do attach a report without exporting and attaching it?
I have a PDF converter which comes up a one of my printers.
Do I need special software? Or can I make a function that automatically exports the report as PDF and attaches it to the report?

The second question, (if needed can be posted as a different subject), I have multiple email accounts. When I click on the “Send Email” button, can I configure it to point to my email account “Customers”?

I very appreciate your help

Thank you