I am trying replication between two databases ( using Oracle Streams.

I have followed the instructions at http://www.oracle.com/technology/ora...64streams.html

The main steps are:

1. Set up ARCHIVELOG mode.
2. Set up the Streams administrator.
3. Set initialization parameters.
4. Create a database link.
5. Set up source and destination queues.
6. Set up supplemental logging at the source database.
7. Configure the capture process at the source database.
8. Configure the propagation process.
9. Create the destination table.
10. Grant object privileges.
11. Set the instantiation system change number (SCN).
12. Configure the apply process at the destination database.
13. Start the capture and apply processes.

For step 5, I have used the 'set_up_queue' in the 'dbms_strems_adm package'. This procedure creates a queue table and an associated queue.

The problem is that, in the propagation process, I get this error:
'ORA-25215: user_data type and queue type do not match'

I have checked it, and the queue table and its associated queue are created as shown:

sys.dbms_aqadm.create_queue_table (
queue_table => 'CAPTURE_SFQTAB'
, queue_payload_type => 'SYS.ANYDATA'
, sort_list => ''
, COMMENT => ''
, multiple_consumers => TRUE
, message_grouping => DBMS_AQADM.TRANSACTIONAL
, compatible => '8.1'
, primary_instance => '0'
, secondary_instance => '0');

queue_name => 'CAPTURE_SFQ'
, queue_table => 'CAPTURE_SFQTAB'
, queue_type => sys.dbms_aqadm.NORMAL_QUEUE
, max_retries => '5'
, retry_delay => '0'
, retention_time => '0'
, COMMENT => '');

The capture process is 'capturing changes' but it seems that these changes cannot be enqueued into the capture queue because the data type is not correct.

As far as I know, 'sys.anydata' payload type and 'normal_queue' type are the right parameters to get a successful configuration.

I would be really grateful for any idea!