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    Unanswered: Change Field Names

    There might be a very simple solution to this but I can not think of one. My problem is that I have all these queries that are based off specific field names. I have the form where you click *import* and *update*, so it's all automatic basically. But now they are updating the templates so the field names are different. This messes everything up obviously. The data stays the same, no additional fields are added or taken away, everything is the same expect the field names. I was wondering if someone could help with the code or what's easiest for me- . I know I can go in and manually change the names but I want this query or whatever to be all automatic for me.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Ok, nobody seems to have responded yet so I'll chip in with my 2 cents.

    I had a similar problem in the past, but I was programming in FoxPro.
    All I did was view the source file for the whole project then copied it into work and used the nifty "find and replace" feature.

    So, go to your code in Access then hit CTRL + F

    Then select the radio button titled "current project"

    Then use the nifty "Replace..." button and VOILA!
    You have your solution

    Hope this helps!

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