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    Question Unanswered: Which is better: One large query, or Many small queries?

    Hey guys and gals,

    In general, if you are working with a lot of calculated fields, is it better to set up a "master" query, and pull from it, or set up smaller, separate queries to accomodate each report or field you tie to it? I figure it costs more in processing time and memory to use one master query, but if you're using, for example, DLookup to snag one value, does it even matter?

    I find it easier to keep track of fewer large queries, but I'm afraid it makes my database less efficient.


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    My personal preference is many small ones as it is easier to spot/check that the data being returned is what you expect at key points. The more complex the query the less obvious any errors in the final result will be. As far as performance issues go, I've not really had any problems but that would depend on how much data you are working with at any one time.

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