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    Cool Conflict serializable, two-phase locking, and general conception...

    Hello again everyone.

    1.) What does "conflict serializable" mean (preferably in laymans terms if at all possible)?

    2.) What is two-phase locking and how can it ensure the above?

    3.) Are there any programs, tutorials, etc out there which may help me with this that some of you may know of?

    I am taking an advanced database course, and it's pretty tough since a.) there is no prerequisite, and b.) I know next-to-nothing about this sort of thing to begin with. I've found some things on Wikipedia about conflict serializable schedules, but I feel it would still help out if I read someone's interpretation instead of some technical white-paper. Thanks.

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    1.) "conflict serializable"
    2.) two-phase locking

    Why not read the white paper(s), post what you think these two concepts to mean as related to your assignment, and ask us for feedback.
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