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    Question Unanswered: Using character or numeric field for "date + interval"

    Hi everyone,

    I want to use character or numeric field for "date + interval" operation.

    aaa date field
    bbb numeric or character field

    select * from foo where aaa + interval bbb >= CURRENT_DATE

    how can i use numeric or character field for interval value?


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    You'll need to CAST the data to an interval. In the case of a numeric though, you will need to explicitly add the time units for the interval.

    Just tried a little test.

    Created a table named dates. table dates contains 4 fields:

    table dates
    field name          field type
    start_date          date
    str_interval        varchar(20) default '6 Hours'
    int_interval        integer default 3
    interval_interval   interval default '5 days'
    I inserted a couple of records; one with the default interval values, one with different data.
    A little experimentation resulted in the following SQL (which worked just fine) :
    select 	start_date, str_interval, int_interval, interval_interval, 
    	start_date + cast(interval_interval as interval) as "NewDate 1",
    	start_date + cast(str_interval as interval) as "NewDate 2",
    	start_date + cast(cast (int_interval as text) || ' Hours' as interval) as "NewDate 3"
    from 	dates
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    Thanks for reply...

    Thanks for reply...

    I will tray...

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