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    Lightbulb New Free Oracle IDE

    Mentat Technologies is proud to inform the Oracle community developers about the release of its new powerful and innovative product, DreamCoder for Oracle Free edition.
    With the release of this brand new product our company expresses its support for the users of the free Oracle community and also for the beginners in database technology.

    What is DreamCoder for Oracle?

    The DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides an intuitive graphical user interface to Oracle and that allows its users to develop and manage Oracle databases, to build and execute queries and scripts, compile code, to create, modify or monitor databases, plus many other features that make it the best choice for both the advanced Oracle developers and for newbies in this domain.

    Furthermore, this product is totally FREE of charge, it is not a trial version and it does not have any time limitation. You have access to all its features for as long as you want without paying anything.

    The main features that make DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition one of the best free database tools are:

    SQL/PLSQL Editor: Complete SQL editor and PL/SQL editor with all the required features like auto complete, Highlighter, Object description many more. You will see that when working with this flexible editor building SQL will be the most simple and quick task.

    Object Navigator: With the help of Object navigator the user can manage all kinds of databases and also create, edit or remove objects from the database.

    Session Monitor: Session monitor allows the developers to determine the active connections in the database and terminate sessions if are using undue resources..

    Direct Connection: Because of the direct connection the DreamCoder’s users don’t need to worry about installing the Oracle client to access the databases.

    DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition is a must-have for those who are seeking to increase the quality of their codes, reduce the time of the development process and raise their productivity.

    You can learn more about DreamCoder for Oracle at:

    DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition at:

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    And what is the difference between the free version and the one you have to pay for?

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    How compatible is it for toad users??

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