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    I have a left join between table1 and table2:

    select table1.*,, table2.telephone from table1
    LEFT JOIN table2 On table1.CUSTOMER = table2.customer

    ... problem is table2 may occasionally have more than 1 entry for a customer (where the repcode is different in each record for the customer)... Instead of the join returning the transaction twice, I want it to only show 1 of the contact details (doesnt matter which record)... How could i do this???

    Thanks in advance

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    doesn't matter which one? oh boy, let's pick the one with the lowest telephone number!!
    select table1.*
         , table2.telephone 
      from table1 
      JOIN table2 as T2
        On T2.customer = table1.CUSTOMER
       and T2.telephone =
           ( select min(telephone)
               from table2
              where customer = table1.CUSTOMER ) | @rudydotca
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