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    Question Unanswered: Please help me query first and last date.

    Hail to all,

    I need to create a query that will look up each customer and give there first record date and the last record date.

    here is what I am looking for.

    Table info

    CustomerID DateEntered
    001 01/01/05
    001 07/28/05
    002 02/15/05
    001 10/15/05
    002 12/10/06
    001 01/12/07

    Query results

    CustomerID FirstRecordDate LastRecrodDate
    001 01/01/05 01/12/07
    002 02/15/05 12/10/06

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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    Figured it out :D

    Ok I figured it out. and it was too simple sorry for the post. But just in case someone else wants to do it. I created a query and selected view totals.

    Put in the query CustomerID and DateEntered twice. The first DateEntered was set to Min the second DateEntered was set to Max.

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