I'm trying to set up a new database to use a DB2 UDB driver.

When i try to connect, it does briefly and then it loses it. The message is displayed on the Database Info
"DatabaseMetaData method called after connection was closed"

If I select a table, it displays
"An error occurred while executing the database request for:
IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture

The command that caused the error was:

Error Details:
***Type: com.ibm.db2.jcc.a.SqlException
***Error Code: -99999
***SQL State: null

Error Message:
DatabaseMetaData method called after connection was closed

I've set up other database conenctions (using an oracle thin driver) and it's been fine. Also, I know the jar files are ok for the drivers because I'm copied them from someone else that works fine (tried this after I had issues using my own jar files). Also, all my setting are fine as I'm following someone else's set up.

Anyone seen this?