Hi All, When backing up over the network using ontape we receive this msg on new tapes from time to time and when the operator depresses enter ontape hangs. Has anyone seen this msg and is there any fix? I.E Informix patch etc We are running Version 7.31.UD8XH Thank you in advcance

Pease mount tape 2 on n091:/dev/rmt/1c and press Return to continue ...
2007-01-21 15:47:46: Total elapsed time for tape = 5020 seconds
2007-01-21 15:47:46: Waiting for tape switch...
2007-01-21 16:06:06: Operator pressed enter for tape switch
2007-01-21 16:06:06: Total elapsed time for tape switch = 1100 seconds
2007-01-21 16:06:17: read: I/O error
This tape may be uninitialized yet. Do you want to continue anyway? (y/n)