I am writing an activeX control in VB 6. I am using the ocx outside of VB in another application. I can send data to the control, but can not send data from the control to the host application. It seems that the way I have set it up, VB does not expose the data to the host. In fact if I drop a textbox right into the host application, I can access the properties.

Here is an example: I drop Forms 2.0 textbox on a User Control (activex) form.

The Property code is as follows:
Public Property Get Text() As Single
Text = TextBox1.Text
End Property

Public Property Let Text(ByVal New_Text As Single)
TextBox1.Text() = New_Text
PropertyChanged "Text"
End Property

If the Host environment changes the .text property for the ocx, the text box updates. If I enter data into the ocx textbox, the value is not available to the host environment.
How do I expose the ocx data to the non VB environment?

I hope this question is not too confusing. Thanks for the help!