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    Unanswered: Message from Oracle to .Net

    We are building a application with several clients which are using the same Oracle 10gR2 database.
    What I am looking for is a sign from Oracle when a record is inserted in a certain table in order for the clients to refresh their screen with the latest information.
    I'm trying to catch the oracle 'message' with Oracle.DataAccess.OracleException.
    My problem is up till now that (beside error message) I do not get anything back from Oracle. Is their for example an possiblity to raise an exeption within Oracle and pass that to my .net application?
    Other options are welcome as well.

    Many thanks in advanced.

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    You may be interested in Advanced Queuing.

    I've never used it with .Net but you can use the PLSQL interface and use stored procedures to enqueue / dequeue messages. You would typically enqueue a message in the PLSQL procedure that performs the insert (or in a trigger, but I prefer the stored proc approach) and then call a stored proc from .Net to dequeue the message.

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