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    Unanswered: Summarizing a formula field


    I hope somebody will be able to help. Being part of a lab I constantly have to report on turn around times (TAT). I have a problem adding formula fields.

    I have include an attachement to explain my problem. A brief explanation: this report calculates the TAT for sheets (Group of samples) completed for that week. It calculates the Max TAT, 95th percentile, 80the percentile , 50the percentile and the total number of samples for that week.

    Week Max TAT 98th 95th 50th Nr of samples
    2006/11/13 6 6 1 0 38

    When you drill down on a week the completed sheets will be displayed for that week.

    Sheet TAT Nr of samples per sheet Formula
    W017373 6 5 5
    W017516 0 9 0
    W017540 1 5 0
    TOTAL 5
    I would like to TOTAL (sum)the formula coloumn.

    The formula that I have used - looks at samples that have a TAT greater than 2 and returns the number of samples for that sheet.

    I want to Calc the percentace samples that where greater than 2 days.

    How can I add the formula coloumn and if I do have this total can I use it to calc the percentage (5/38) x 100 = %

    I would appreciate if somebody could help me or tell me another way to do this.

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