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    Unanswered: Time of Restoration of Database Dump

    Hi All,
    I am using Oracle on solaris......i have restored a dump on this oracle i want to know when my database restoration activity was completed (i.e when was database restored).
    Where are the logs created and which particular log file should i search for ?
    Any clue anyone


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    "Dump" is an export file? Imported by IMP utility? If so, import is a command prompt utility and it is finished when you see something like "Import terminated successfully with warnings".

    But, if you ran import as a batch job, there is a log file if you chose to create it (using the IMP's LOG parameter). Otherwise, there might be a batch job log file, but it is you (or whoever scheduled the job) who should know where to look for it.

    If your "dump" isn't the one I guessed it was, I'm sorry - you'll have to wait for another opinion.

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    Hi Littlefoot,
    Thanks for the prompt reply....well the dump which u guessed is correct...and as correctly mentioned by you after firing the import command i got "Import terminated sucessfully with warnings".
    Well i have already fired an import command without using (IMP's Log Parameter), the issue here is i havent got any time values along with it. So are there any log files which is maintained by oracle somewhere.

    Any logs similar to activity logs in MS-SQL?

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