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Thread: Onbar Statement

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    Unanswered: Onbar Statement


    I am executing onbar -b -w -L 0 statement. But in the log file it is showing the follwoing

    -Logical Logs will not be backed up / salvaged because LTAPEDEV value is NUL
    -Unable to open file F:\Informix\etc\sm_versions No such file or directory

    Please help in this


    Saikat Ghosh

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    Oh dear you are getting yourself into a mess aren't you!

    For onbar to work LTAPEDEV cannot be set to null!

    And it will not work without the sm_versions file because then it has no way of knowing what version of what storage manager you are using. This use to be tables in sysutils you'd have to update every time but they made it a file to make it easier.

    If you really want to backup to the blackhole /dev/null then you should put something like /dev/onbar and link /dev/onbar to /dev/null.


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