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    Unanswered: Daylight Savings

    Ok, maybe this is a dumb question, but, we're trying to assess the impact of the change in Daylight Savings. So I went back to 2am in April, 2006 to see how it affects a date calculation.

    I couldn't get it to show a difference:

    select to_number(to_date('04/02/2006 3','MM/DD/YYYY HH24') - to_date('04/02/2006 1','MM/DD/YYYY HH24')) *24*60*60 as DST,
    	   to_number(to_date('03/02/2006 3','MM/DD/YYYY HH24') - to_date('03/02/2006 1','MM/DD/YYYY HH24')) *24*60*60 as normal
    from dual;
           DST     NORMAL
    ---------- ----------
          7200       7200
    select to_timestamp_tz('04/02/2006 3','MM/DD/YYYY HH24') - to_timestamp_tz('04/02/2006 1','MM/DD/YYYY HH24')  as DST,
    	   to_timestamp_tz('03/02/2006 3','MM/DD/YYYY HH24') - to_timestamp_tz('03/02/2006 1','MM/DD/YYYY HH24')  as normal
    from dual;
    DST                           NORMAL
    ----------------------------- -------------------------------
    +000000000 02:00:00.000000000 +000000000 02:00:00.000000000
    Am I doing something wrong?


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    This year for DBA in USA the switch to Daylight Savings Times happens on 11 March; less than 6 weeks away.
    Are you ready for this change?
    Answers can be found at MetaLink Note:402742.1
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    I read that article, and there are only a few places where we deal with timestamps with timezones. I was wondering if the loss of an hour in some of our calculations would be a big deal. So I went back to the first Sunday in April last year (4/2/06) to see what happens when you try to assess the difference between two dates across that boundary. As in the example in my first post, I don't see the difference between that and just the date difference between another arbitrary set of dates.


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