I am trying to have a script within Excel to open Outlook, then pass certain parameters (subject, sender, and text message) to a new email message. I have another macro called ccreated that copies a section of cells to the clipboard and I would like to have this pasted into the email message; the user verifies the email and then sends. Any help appreciated. My code is below:
Dim strExcelFile As String
Dim SV As String
Dim sub1 As String
Dim sub2 As String

' Get the file name to include in the subject
strExcelFile = ActiveWorkbook.Name

'strExcelFile = Dir(strPath & "\*.XLS")

SV = MsgBox("This is for OCO to return information to form submitter. Continue?", vbYesNo)
If SV = vbYes Then

Call ccreated ' this copies a defined section to the clipboard
sub1 = "Important: Contracts Created from eForm98 request: " & strExcelFile
sub2 = Range("submitter").Value 'this obtains an email address from a cell range

ActiveWorkbook.Save 'saves the worksheet

'Tried this below -- Works in ACCESS but error received from within Excel
'DoCmd.SendObject _
'To:=sub2, _
'Subject:=sub1, _
'MessageText:="Press SHIFT+Insert to paste message", _

'The below version sends the file as an attachment
'Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSendMail).Show _
arg1:=sub2, arg2:=sub1
End If
End Sub