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Thread: DMax issue

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    Unanswered: DMax issue

    I have a query called "MTM Sum", below:

    SELECT Category, sum([Notional_Amount]) AS Notional, sum([-200bp]*1000000) AS 200bpNeg, sum([-100bp]*1000000) AS 100bpNeg, sum([-50bp]*1000000) AS 50bpNeg, sum([-25bp]*1000000) AS 25bpNeg, sum([Base NPV]*1000000) AS Base, sum([+25bp]*1000000) AS 25bpPos, sum([+50bp]*1000000) AS 50bpPos, sum([+100bp]*1000000) AS 100bpPos, sum([+200bp]*1000000) AS 200bpPos
    FROM [MTM Macro Hedge Detail]
    GROUP BY Category;

    I have a report which reports other data, and I want to display data from this query on the side. (The report is tied to a different data source.)

    If I try to display this data on the report using =DMax("200bpNeg","MTM Sum"), I get #Error on the report. If I change the column alias to "ccneg" (roman numerals), and use =DMax("ccneg","MTM Sum"), this properly displays my data on the report. (since the Base_NPV column and the Notional column were the only ones displaying correctly on the initial report, I figured the problem related somehow to having numbers in the column name.) Is this an Access bug, or am I doing something wrong? I would like to use column names that are a little less cryptic, and I don't see why I should not be able to use numbers in the column names. I also tried "200z" as a column name -- this doesn't work, either. (Not that that is descriptive, either, but it lends weight to this being related to having numbers in the column name. "data" works, "data1" does not.)

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    =DMax("[200bpNeg]","MTM Sum")
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