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    Unanswered: Requery Subform with new data

    This is my problem if anyone can please help...

    I have a MAIN form which has two combo boxes at the top - for NAME and STATUS.

    I have a subform within this main form that shows full data with a query dependent on the two comboboxes on the top part of the form.

    The query and forms are working as they should as the data changes if i re-run the selections, but i would like to do this live so my question is how do i link the subform to the two combo boxes above so it changes the data in the subform instantly depending on the selections.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    im not sure how "The query and forms are working as they should" and yet you have a problem......

    is the sub form bound to the comboxes (ie the parent master form link is specified as the comboboxes linking to relevant fields in the sub form)

    alternatively you could use an unbound variant, and trigger a subform refresh each time either/both of the combo box changes. to do that put som code in the combobox on change event or lost focus event that forces a subform requery.. that will be something like <mysubformname>.refresh
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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem
    put soem code in the combobix
    Sounds like (as Healdem mentioned) that the simplest answer to your "sort-of-a-question" is to perform a .requery or .refresh afterupdate.
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    Thanks guys! I did it by linking using parent/child and all works fine now!

    many thanks for your help and suggestions.

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